This Thought (a poem for anxious moments)

Jo Acharya | September 06, 2023

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It’s here again
This thought
Pushing its way in
Demanding to be heard.
I shut it out
Just a moment ago
Turned to face a different thought,
A better
truer thought;
I prayed it would leave.
I prayed I wouldn’t let it in.

But it’s here again
This thought
Jumping and waving at the window,
Hammering on the door;
Wouldn’t it be easier to just
Give it the attention it craves.
Let it do its worst.
Think it all
the way through
to the end.
Then it will be over.
Then it will be quiet.

But no.
That’s not the way it works, I know.
It will burrow deeper, cling on harder
Stand firmer the longer I let it stay.
It will drag me down
Suck out my life
Darken my sky.

This is my house
And I choose to dwell
In the light.
Each time it returns
I will fight it again, this thought
Each time it breaks in
I will banish it again
And it will grow weaker
and smaller
Starved of my gaze

So I turn to face a different thought,
A purer
lovelier thought;
Let it wash over me
Cleanse me
Restore me
Resurrect me once more.

(Inspired by 2 Corinthians 10:5 and Philippians 4:8)

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