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Being Braver in Community:
An Interview With Author Deborah Jenkins

I loved Deborah Jenkins' debut novel Braver. It's a perfect summer read - light enough to lift your mood and deep enough to make you think. At its heart, it's a story about the power of friendship, valuing our differences and recognising our need for each other. I found it joyful and lovely, and recommend it highly.

Healthy, life-giving co…

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Manasseh Repented, But the Damage Was Done:
Why Leadership Matters

A woman with red hair leading a man by the hand and pulling him along a track, showing why leadership matters.A long time ago in a land far away, a man named Manasseh was crowned King of Judah, and the people must have been cautiously optimistic. Manasseh’s father, Hezekiah, had been a righteous ruler who had trusted God and led the people well. Judah could still avoid the fate of its northern sister kingdom, Israel, who had been ruled by a string of evil …

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Facing Uncertainty With Faith:
3 Practical Suggestions

This is part 2 of a short series on God and Uncertainty.

Image of a woman in a baseball cap sitting on the edge of a rocky cliff. The view is blurred as she faces uncertainty with faithIn part 1 of this series we looked at three truths to remember in difficult and uncertain times. These truths can help us to ground ourselves spiritually, and to dwell on God’s wonderful promises to us. But if we want to explore how faith helps us during times of uncertainty, this is o…

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Job’s relationship with God: Discovering Truth in Lament

Image is a painting of Job face down on the ground in pain, two friends sitting by watching and the third with his arms up in anger condemning Job's relationship with God.

What did Job get right about God? That’s the question I’m left with at the end of his story. Job is a good man who has lost everything, and he doesn’t know how to explain his suffering, except to assume that God is against him. He cries out in distress, accusing his creator of cruelty, injustice and violence towards him. His speeches are hard t…

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How Do You Trust God in Difficult Times?
3 Truths to Remember

This is part 1 of a short series on God and Uncertainty.

Image of an older man with blond hair. He has a look of despair on his face and holds his head in his hand wondering how do you trust God in difficult times.

I can’t remember the last time I felt certain about the future. These last few years have brought crisis after crisis, and so many of the normal things we take for granted have been thrown into doubt. It’s been exhausting, hasn’t it? Many of us have found ourselves struggling with str…

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