God Stooped

Jo Acharya | November 1, 2023

Graphic with text from the blog
Graphic with text from the blog

I find it so helpful to reflect on the Nativity story. To think that the God of all creation became a human baby who needed his bottom wiped is mind-blowing, and yet it’s true!

God stooped down to our human level, and not just the level of kings and presidents and Silicon Valley tycoons. He stooped lower, lower, and lower still, to the level of the smallest and weakest among us, the level of a helpless newborn child, entirely dependant on his young and inexperienced mother.

And not for pretend. Not like the Undercover Bosses who pose as entry-level employees in their own company for a couple of weeks. But for real: having to learn to talk and walk and feed himself and control his bladder, confined by a human body and a human experience, living a full human life with all its highs and lows, and finally dying a violent human death.

Jesus really was, and is, a human being. We now have a human being sitting at the right hand of Father God in heaven, constantly interceding for us (Romans 8.34). The Nativity story truly shows us Emmanuel – God with us, God for us, God on our side.

This theme is explored further in topic 2 of my devotional journal ‘Refresh’. Click here to check it out.

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