God chooses normal people like me

How do you get ready for Christmas? Maybe you put up a tree and some lights. Maybe you buy some cards and presents.

God had a lot to do to get ready for the first Christmas. He had a big plan. He was sending Jesus to earth as a baby. It was important to get everything right!

First, God had to choose Jesus’s parents. They would look after Jesus while he grew up. This was a very important job!

I think I would choose a very clever person. Or maybe a very powerful person.

But God’s plan was surprising.

He chose two normal people called Mary and Joseph.

God asked Mary to Jesus’s mum. And he asked Joseph to marry Mary, and help her look after Jesus.

Mary and Joseph did not think they were very special. They were surprised that God chose them. But they trusted God. So they said yes.

Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus
Picture by www.LumoProject.com

Jesus would grow up to save people from their sins! So when Jesus was born, it was good news for the whole world.

God could have told the king. Or he could have told the religious leaders.

But God’s plan was surprising.

He sent angels to give the good news to some shepherds.

Shepherds were poor people. They were surprised that the angel came to them! But they trusted God. So they went to see Jesus. They were the first people to see him!

A bright angel in the sky above shepherds and sheep
Picture by Jeff Jacobs

Next, God sent a star to some wise men. The star meant that an important king had been born. The wise men knew the star would lead them to the baby king.

The wise men thought the king would be born in a palace.

But God’s plan was surprising.

Mary and Joseph were staying in a little town called Bethlehem. And Jesus was born in a place where cows and sheep were kept!

The wise men were surprised to find Jesus there. But they trusted God. They knew Jesus was the new king.

Wise men on camels following a star
Picture by freepik

We might think God wants to work with people who are special and important.

But God’s plans are surprising! He chooses to work with normal people and normal things.

God chose Mary and Joseph. He chose Bethlehem. He chose the poor shepherds.

Here is something even more surprising. God chooses you and me! He wants to work with us to make the world better.

Let’s say a prayer to thank God for choosing us.

Dear Father God,
Thank you for sending Jesus to save us.
Thank you that you choose to work with normal people and normal things.
Thank you that you want to work with me to make the world better.

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