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A symbol for the Trinity, showing a circle and triangle joined together.

What is the Trinity and why is it important?

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A black woman clasps her hands in prayer over an open Bible

Why is the Bible special?

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A library of Bibles and colourful books on black shelves

Why is the Bible called a library?

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Different versions of the Bible piled up

Why are there different versions of the Bible?

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A hand pointing to a verse in the Bible

How do I find a verse in the Bible?

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A bearded man with glasses looks at the easiest Bible to read and understand and makes notes with a pencil

What is the easiest Bible to read and understand?

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A man with red wavy hair and a beard clasps his hands together in prayer. He looks confused because he does not know how to pray to God.

I do not know how to pray to God

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A young woman prays about the bad things that happen in the world with her eyes closed and her hands clasped together

How can I pray when bad things happen in the world?

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A stained glass window showing Saint Patrick with a long white beard

Famous Christian prayers in easy words

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Who We Are

Valley of Springs is the online home of Dan and Jo Acharya.

We write devotional blogs to help you grow in your faith and trust God in difficult times.

We also provide easy read Bible study and discipleship resources for Christians with learning difficulties, intellectual disabilities and special needs.

Jo is the author of ‘Refresh: a wellness devotional for the whole Christian life’ and ‘Living Well With God: easy read Bible lessons for people who find reading hard’.

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