Gifts of Grace

Jo Acharya | November 3, 2023

A photo of two deer grazing in woodland
A photo of two deer grazing in woodland

Our house backs onto woodland, and when Dan and I were deciding whether to buy it we went for a walk through the trees. We saw two deer, just a few feet away, and it instantly made up my mind. I said, “We have to live here!”

Now we see deer a few times a year from our upstairs windows, and feels like a treat every single time. Like a rainbow, or the first flush of crocuses in spring, it lifts my spirits, even makes me feel loved.

The ancient Israelites felt this way about rain: they saw it as a sign of blessing and favour from God. Living in soggy England, my love language is sunshine and deer! But it’s true that these little blessings in nature are reminders of God’s delight in all his creation, the rainbow, the crocuses, the deer, and even me. He loves us, and he pours out that love in gifts of grace that point us back to him.

What are the blessings in nature that make you feel loved by God?

If you’re looking for a fresh, gentle way to rest in God’s presence, click here to check out my devotional journal ‘Refresh’ .

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