A People of Hope

Jo Acharya | June 15, 2023

A picture of a candle in the darkness with text from the post
A picture of a candle in the darkness with text from the post

When we become followers of Jesus, many of us exchange our fears for a new set of fears.

Sadly, there are some in the Christian world who are only too happy to feed us a steady diet of reasons to be afraid: scandalous claims, dire predictions, culture wars, threats around every corner.

You are surrounded by enemies, they insist. You need to be angry. You need to be afraid.

Friends, that’s not the good news. Followers of Jesus are invited to exchange our fears for peace, for trust, for hope. Not because there is no trouble in the world, but because Jesus has already overcome the world! (John 16:33)

Nothing can thwart his eternal plans. Nothing can cancel his goodness and grace. Nothing can separate us from his love.

We don’t need to be afraid. In this angry, frightened world, we need to be something radically different and gloriously new.

A people at peace. A people who trust. A people of hope.

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