Easy Read

A swan on a lake keeps her baby safe on under her wings

God looks after me

Psalms chapter 91 says that God looks after us like a mother bird looks after her babies. Let’s think about what that means.

A party with people sitting round a table eating lots of tasty food

God loves me just as I am

Jesus told a story about a man who planned a big party. But nobody came! Let’s find out what happened next.

Two young girls lie on a mat in a field, talking and smiling

God says it is good to rest

It is good to work. And it is good to rest! Let’s find out what the Bible says about this.

A big house with grass and trees around it

God lives in me

When we decide to follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside us. Let’s find out what the Holy Spirit does for us.

Cartoon people doing different things like playing with a ball, painting and playing a guitar

God gives us good gifts

God made us all different! He gave us all different gifts. Let’s find out what this means.

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