God loves me just as I am

When Jesus lived on earth he told lots of stories. The stories helped people to understand what God was like.

One day Jesus told a story about a man who planned a big party. He invited lots of people. But when it was time for the party to start, no one came. They all said they had something more important to do. The man was angry. He had worked so hard to plan a great party!

If you were that man, what would you do? Would you give up on the party? Or would you do something else?

The man in the story had an idea. Here is what happened next:

“Go out quickly to every street in the town,” he said to his servant. “Bring the poor people here. Bring those that have lost an arm or a leg. And bring those that cannot walk well, and those that cannot see.”
(Luke chapter 14 verse 21, EasyEnglish Bible)

The man did not give up on his party. He decided to invite poor people, disabled people and blind people! After that, he told everyone else to come too!

A party with people sitting round a table eating lots of tasty food
Picture by Askar Abayev

It must have been a very big party. I expect the man had to move things around so that everyone could get in easily. Maybe he needed to make more space for wheelchairs. Maybe he set up a quiet room in case anyone needed a break.

Jesus said that the man was like God. And the party was like God’s kingdom, where everything is good.

In the story, the man invited poor people and disabled people before he invited everyone else! This helps us understand what God is like.

If you are poor or disabled, God wants you to be part of his kingdom. If you have learning difficulties or autism, God wants you to be part of his kingdom too.

God loves you just as you are. He wants to be your friend! And he wants to give you good things.

Let’s thank God for loving us so much.

Dear Father God,
Thank you that you love me just as I am. Thank you for inviting me to be part of your kingdom, where everything is good.

I learned about this from Amy Kenny. She is a disabled writer who wrote a book called ‘My Body is Not a Prayer Request’ (affiliate link).

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