God lives in me

When we decide to follow Jesus, Father God sends his Holy Spirit to live inside us. Here are some of the things the Holy Spirit does for us.

He helps us to follow Jesus and to do the right things. Sometimes it is hard to make good choices. But the Holy Spirit gives us the strength to do what God wants.
He helps us to remember the good things God says about us. Sometimes our minds tell us things that aren’t true and make us feel sad. Then the Holy Spirit reminds us of things we have learned in the Bible. He reminds us that God loves us and forgives us when we make mistakes.
He prays for us. Sometimes we want to pray, but we do not know which words to say to God. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit prays for us without using any words at all!
He gives us special gifts. We can use these gifts to do what God wants us to do. The Bible talks about lots of gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to people. He gives them to us to help us and help others.

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Sometimes it feels like God is far away. But if you believe in Jesus, you are God’s home. He lives within you. That means he is always really close.

Let’s thank God for all the things the Holy Spirit does for us.

Dear Father God,
Thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to live within me. Thank you for all the ways he helps me. Thank you that you are always really close to me.

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