A Living Sacrifice (a poem)

Jo Acharya | July 20, 2021

Two hands reaching out to each other in support, against an open landscape
Image by Caroline Veronez

When they say of me, “This one is a follower of Jesus”,
may there be no cause for any to say, “This one? Are you sure?”

May my spirit be generous.
May my heart be humble.

May my eyes seek light.
May my ears tune in to beauty.

May my mind bathe in truth.
May my lips speak words of grace.

May my hands bring shape to hope.
May my fingers weave peace.

May my arms rush to embrace the hurting.
May my knees readily bend to serve.

May my legs be steady with courage.
May my feet tread gently the path of wisdom.

When they say of me, “This one is a follower of Jesus”,
may none be surprised.

May they know me by my love.

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