‘The Jesse Tree Anthology’ Advent devotional


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This original Advent devotional explores the journey from creation to Jesus’ birth through 25 key Bible characters and their stories. Each day’s reflection is written by a different Christian author, bringing out the ways in which the whole Bible points to Jesus. With questions, prayers and decorations to colour, it is suitable for all the family.

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Take a journey through Advent with the family tree of Jesus and his ancestor, Jesse.

Beginning with the creation of the world and continuing right up to the night of Jesus’ birth, read about 25 of the most important people and events that came before Jesus, and discover how all of their stories point to Him.

In just a few minutes every day, be inspired by short Bible passages accompanied by the easy-to-read reflections of 25 different Christian writers, including Jo Acharya, Liz CarterMatt McChleryRuth LeighJoanna WatsonClare Musters and editor Rachel Yarworth, whose vision brought this book to life.

‘The Jesse Tree Anthology’ is suitable for reading alone, in a group or with family. Each day’s reading also comes with questions to think about, simple prayer suggestions, and decorations to colour and hang on your own tree. Click here to find out more about all the contributors and download a PDF of all the decorations.



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A full colour interactive A5 paperback journal with 52 weeks of devotionals exploring God's plan for wellness.

Published by Malcolm Down and Sarah Grace Publishing, 5th January 2022.