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Easy Read Blog: God looks after me

Look at this picture. How many birds can you see?

Photo of a mother bird hiding baby birds under her wings

The mother goose has two babies. She is keeping them under her wings. This is how she looks after them. She keeps them safe and warm.

Here is another picture.

Picture of swan with open wings and a baby swan resting on her back

The baby swan does not need to swim. He is resting on his mother. …

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Easy Read Blog: God loves me just as I am

Dinner table with lots of food, and people eating and talking around it as they eatWhen Jesus lived on earth he told lots of stories. The stories helped people to understand what God was like.

One day Jesus told a story about a man who planned a big party. He invited lots of people. But when it was time for the party to start, no one came. They all said they had something m…

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Easy Read Blog: God says it is good to rest

Picture of two young girls lying on a rug in a green field, smiling.

Do you have a job? Maybe you go to college, or volunteer. Maybe you clean your home and cook your dinner. The Bible says it is very good to work. But no one can work all the time. If we work too much we will make ourselves tired and ill.

The Bible says that we all need to rest. When we re…

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Easy Read Blog: God lives in me!

Picture of a brick house with a path leading to it, illustrating how the Holy Spirit lives within us and makes us his home.

When we decide to follow Jesus, God sends his Holy Spirit to live within us. Here are some of the things the Holy Spirit does for us.

He helps us to follow Jesus and to do the right things. Sometimes it is hard to make good choices. But the Holy Spirit gives us the strength to do what God…

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Easy Read Blog: God gives us good gifts

Cartoon people doing different activities: playing with a ball, carrying a puppy, playing guitar, holding a paint brush etcThe Bible says that God made us all different. Some people think God will only love them if they are clever or important.


But those things don't matter to God. He made everyone good at different things. He gave us all different gifts. He did this so we can all help each other. And he loves …

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Easy Read Blog: A Well Watered Garden

Bluebells against a blurred background, text reads You will be like a garden that has plenty of water - Isaiah chapter 58 verse 11

In the Bible, God told his people to follow him and do what was right. Then he said they would be like a garden that has plenty of water.

What do you think that is like? Can you imagine it?

All gardens need water. That is what makes them grow. When a garden has plenty of water, everything …

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