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Creationtide and Eating as an Act of Worship

Satay vegetable noodles in a bowl with prawn crackersA couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Creationtide for the first time. Visiting a local Anglican church, I heard that in the annual church calendar, this period between 1st September and 4th October is dedicated to worshipping God as creator and sustainer of all life, and praying for the earth’…

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A Living Sacrifice

When they say of me, "This one is a follower of Jesus",
may there be no cause for any to say, 
"This one? Are you sure?"

May my spirit be generous.
May my heart be humble.

May my eyes seek light.
May my ears tune in to beauty.

May my mind bathe in truth.
May my lips speak words of …

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Press on Toward the Goal: your whole life is the story

A football lying still in long, wet grass.We all love a good story. Our passions are ignited by epic journeys, underdogs who never give up and heroes who triumph over adversity.

The England men's football team finally making it to the final of an international tournament for the first time since 1966 - there's a good story. All the bet…

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