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A Raincloud in Spring: the blessing of rain

The blessing of rain seen through a London window, with raindrops on the glass distorting the image of cars on the road, and Big Ben in the distance. They say the Eskimos have fifty words for snow. In the UK I think we probably have at least fifty words for rain. Over here it can be drizzling, spitting, pouring or chucking it down. We have light showers, torrential downpours, sheets of rain, driving rain, sideways rain. The Scots have bleeters an…

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What It Means to Be a Child of the King

A golden coloured crown on top of a brown box

It was reported in the news recently that by donating eye-watering sums of money to political parties, wealthy citizens can earn a regular audience with high ranking UK politicians.

This isn't a political blog, though. I doubt many of us are surprised to find that the rich and powerful ha…

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Press on Toward the Goal: your whole life is the story

A football lying still in long, wet grass.We all love a good story. Our passions are ignited by epic journeys, underdogs who never give up and heroes who triumph over adversity.

The England men's football team finally making it to the final of an international tournament for the first time since 1966 - there's a good story. All the bet…

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