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Some people who could be blessed by Refresh or Living Well With God can't afford to buy them at full price, and many Christian ministries don't have the budget for multiple copies. Your £10 donation will cover the print costs and postage of one book, so we can offer it for free to someone in need. Thank you so much!

So far we have provided free books for the following ministries:

  • A Love Your Neighbour hub run by volunteers from local churches. The hub is a listening and signposting service for anyone who needs a bit of help, or just to feel heard and cared for. The premises are shared with a food charity and together these ministries are a lifeline for local people who are struggling with poverty.
  • A community grocery which also runs a job club for people with high anxiety. They are now able to offer sponsored copies of Living Well With God alongside free Bibles to those who ask them questions about faith.
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To find out more about Refresh, click here.
To find out more about Living Well With God, click here.

Request a free book

If you would like a copy of Refresh or Living Well With God and cannot afford to buy one yourself, contact us to request a sponsored book.

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If you would like to give a general donation towards our work here at Valley of Springs, click here.

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Valley of Springs is the online home of Dan and Jo Acharya.

We write devotional blogs to help you grow in your faith and trust God in difficult times.

We also provide easy read Bible study and discipleship resources for Christians with learning difficulties, intellectual disabilities and special needs.

Jo is the author of ‘Refresh: a wellness devotional for the whole Christian life’ and ‘Living Well With God: easy read Bible lessons for people who find reading hard’.

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