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'Living Well With God' book | easy read format, simple language

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'Living Well With God' is an easy read version of Jo's first book 'Refresh'. It has 52 lessons from the Bible. It is all about God's plan for living a good life. God cares about every part of our lives. He cares about our bodies and our minds. He cares about how we look after ourselves and how we get on with other people. And he really wants us to get to know him. God made us, and he loves us. So he knows the best way to live!

This book is written for people who find reading hard. So it has easy words and colourful pictures to help everyone understand. In each lesson you will read a part of the Bible. And you will learn something about God's plan for living a good life. There are 2 questions to help you understand. There is a prayer you can pray to God. And there are some more questions to help you think about your week.

Topics in this book:

Learning to rest
Loving my body
Getting along with people
My part in God’s plan
Understanding my feelings
Understanding my thoughts
God’s special gift of grace
Who God says I am
Getting to know God
Following Jesus
Trusting God when life is hard
Winning the spiritual war
Living forever with God

Binding options

You can buy 'Living Well With God' in paperback or spiralbound format. Spiralbound format is more accessible for some people with physical disabilities as it can lay flat on a table and does not have to be held open.

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Jo is the author of ‘Refresh: a wellness devotional for the whole Christian life’ and ‘Living Well With God: easy read Bible lessons for people who find reading hard’.

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