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Comfort and Joy - a poem for Christmas

Seasons of Life: Autumn

A branch of a tree with yellow and red leaves, showing the colours of autumn against a blue skyThere is beauty in the dying;
as green surrenders to yellow, red and brown,
the bold brightness of summer
giving way to a tapestry of hues, rich and warm.

Trees on their way to winter,
glorying in a last hurrah;
as flecks of gold fall from their branches,
floating towards their end
and their beginn…

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A Living Sacrifice

When they say of me, "This one is a follower of Jesus",
may there be no cause for any to say, 
"This one? Are you sure?"

May my spirit be generous.
May my heart be humble.

May my eyes seek light.
May my ears tune in to beauty.

May my mind bathe in truth.
May my lips speak words of …

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