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Manasseh Repented, But the Damage Was Done:
Why Leadership Matters

A woman with red hair leading a man by the hand and pulling him along a track, showing why leadership matters.A long time ago in a land far away, a man named Manasseh was crowned King of Judah, and the people must have been cautiously optimistic. Manasseh’s father, Hezekiah, had been a righteous ruler who had trusted God and led the people well. Judah could still avoid the fate of its northern sister kingdo…

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Job’s relationship with God: Discovering Truth in Lament

Image is a painting of Job face down on the ground in pain, two friends sitting by watching and the third with his arms up in anger condemning Job's relationship with God.

What did Job get right about God? That’s the question I’m left with at the end of his story. Job is a good man who has lost everything, and he doesn’t know how to explain his suffering, except to assume that God is against him. He cries out in distress, accusing his creator of cruelty, injustice a…

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Learning to Dance: keeping in step with the Spirit

A man and woman dancing in a dark room. The woman is in mid-jump. There is a chandelier above them.

Have you been watching Strictly Come Dancing? I’ve never got into it before – I thought that as someone with two left feet it wouldn’t interest me at all. But somehow this year I ended up watching the first episode and was immediately hooked. It’s joyous! The colours, the music, the costumes, the …

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A Raincloud in Spring: the blessing of rain

The blessing of rain seen through a London window, with raindrops on the glass distorting the image of cars on the road, and Big Ben in the distance. They say the Eskimos have fifty words for snow. In the UK I think we probably have at least fifty words for rain. Over here it can be drizzling, spitting, pouring or chucking it down. We have light showers, torrential downpours, sheets of rain, driving rain, sideways rain. The Scots have bleeters an…

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Lost and Found: trusting God when the future is uncertain

A woman in a red jacket feeling lost in the woods, walking away from the camera, through bare treesI get lost a lot.

It’s not as bad as it used to be. When someone gave me a lift home as a teenager I couldn’t even direct them to my house! I got a bit better after I learned to drive, and since I’ve been going for longer walks the layout of roads has become more familiar. But our house backs ont…

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What It Means to Be a Child of the King

A golden coloured crown on top of a brown box

It was reported in the news recently that by donating eye-watering sums of money to political parties, wealthy citizens can earn a regular audience with high ranking UK politicians.

This isn't a political blog, though. I doubt many of us are surprised to find that the rich and powerful ha…

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Press on Toward the Goal: your whole life is the story

A football lying still in long, wet grass.We all love a good story. Our passions are ignited by epic journeys, underdogs who never give up and heroes who triumph over adversity.

The England men's football team finally making it to the final of an international tournament for the first time since 1966 - there's a good story. All the bet…

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The Lowest Place: a reflection on humility

Beyond a wooden fence  is a lush meadow with bluebells. There is a large overhanging tree with golden leaves and a large shrub with pink flowers at the back of the picture.I love visiting National Trust gardens. I've only been gardening myself for a few years, so it gives me fresh inspiration and ideas to try out. Of course, it's also a chance for me to show off my newfound knowledge, and for Dan to marvel at my expertise.

"Wow, Jo," he often says in awe, "I can't b…

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