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6 Prayers for Ukraine (and 3 ways to help)

Hands holding a lit candle in prayer for Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent shockwaves across Europe. It's easy to feel overwhelmed in the face of such a huge crisis. One of the few things ordinary people can do is to pray, but even this feels immensely challenging for many of us. Perhaps you p…

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Creationtide and Eating as an Act of Worship

Satay vegetable noodles in a bowl with prawn crackersA couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Creationtide for the first time. Visiting a local Anglican church, I heard that in the annual church calendar, this period between 1st September and 4th October is dedicated to worshipping God as creator and sustainer of all life, and praying for the earth’…

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How to Pray for Afghanistan When You Have No Words

A ruined building in Kabul, Afghanistan

I’m finding it hard to pray for Afghanistan. Maybe you are too? It feels like a hopeless situation, so overwhelming and so bleak. The words I manage to say seem too small, too weak to do any good.

Let me encourage you. God sees our hearts even when we have no words. We can cry out in groan…

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