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"Who Made God?" by Joanne Gilchrist: a colourful adventure for curious kids

Front cover of Who Made God by Joanne Gilchrist - it shows a cartoon lion with a questioning expression and a girl holding a baby, against a backdrop of stars and planet earth.

Today I'm delighted to be reviewing this new children's book, book 2 in the Animals of Eden Valley series, which also includes 'Why Can't I see God?' It's intended for 4-7 year olds, but this accessible introduction to a complex topic may have something to teach grown ups as well!

Roar the lion has just turned 10 years old and has some big questions. How old is God? Roar is the oldest of his friends, but God must surely be older. And how did God get here? Was he born into a family, like Roar and his friends? Roar's curiosity sets him on a quest that leads to the Bible and helps him discover something new and wonderful about God.

'Who Made God?' is written in pleasingly rhythmic rhyme with a colourful cast of characters and bold, cheerful illustrations. I particularly like the element of interactivity: it asks simple questions of the reader to involve them in the story, and ends with a page entitled 'Over to You' which includes a fun fact, relevant Bible verses and suggested questions to discuss with a grown up. I can imagine it being a joy to read out loud with a young child.

The subject itself is well handled, and concepts such as God being eternal, uncreated and outside of time are made impressively clear and straightforward for young minds to begin to grasp. Some of the ideas might still be a little tricky for those at the younger end of this age group though, so I think it would be worth parents taking some time to flesh these out as they are raised.

In general I feel the picture book style might be best suited to pre-school children, whereas the themes and ideas will be easier to understand for those who are a little older. There is a lot in there though for both age groups, and I can imagine it working especially well for families with children of different ages, who could read and talk about it together. This book is a great starting point for discussing some complicated ideas, so if you have a child who's starting to ask these questions I definitely recommend using 'Who Made God' to spark a discussion.

Sample page from 'Who Made God' by Joanne GilchristSample page from 'Who Made God' by Joanne Gilchrist

Joanne Gilchrist is a writer and mum of three. Out of a desire to lead her children to Christ, she also developed the free 'God For Kids' app, which explores other big topics like the Trinity in a fun and engaging way. Joanne is on Facebook and Instagram, and you can find out more about her work, download the app and buy her books at All proceeds from the website go to the Ruach Resources charity. 'Who Made God' is also available at Amazon, Eden or from your local Christian bookshop.

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