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Easy Read Blog: God looks after me

Look at this picture. How many birds can you see?

Photo of a mother bird hiding baby birds under her wings

The mother goose has two babies. She is keeping them under her wings. This is how she looks after them. She keeps them safe and warm.

Here is another picture.

Picture of swan with open wings and a baby swan resting on her back

The baby swan does not need to swim. He is resting on his mother. What will happen when the mother swan closes her wings? The baby swan will be hidden! What do you think it would feel like to be this baby swan?

The Bible says something about this. Here is part of Psalms chapter 91. It is a song that people sang to God.

You can go to God Most High to hide.

You can go to God All-Powerful for protection.

I say to the LORD, “You are my place of safety, my fortress.

My God, I trust in you.”

God will save you from hidden dangers

and from deadly diseases.

You can go to him for protection.

He will cover you like a bird spreading its wings over its babies.

(Psalms chapter 91 verses 1-4, ERV)


This psalm says that God looks after us like a mother bird looks after her babies. He loves us. He keeps us close to him. And he keeps us safe. We can go to him for help when we are afraid.

Sometimes bad things happen to us. But God is always with us. He is kind and he loves us. He always wants to help us.

Sometimes life makes us feel tired. When we go to God we can rest, like the baby swan in the picture. We can remember that he is bigger and stronger than we are.

In your mind, imagine God as a big mother bird. Imagine you are hiding under his wings.

Here is another song about this. If you like, you can listen to it and thank God for looking after you like a mother bird.



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Image of mother goose by Elsemargriet.

Image of mother swan by NoName_13

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